How to Protect Yourself from Pregnancy Discrimination- Hire a Qualified Attorney

There are various ways in which employees are discriminated against. Employees cannot be discriminated against by Age, race, sex, religious affiliation, disability or pregnancy. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when an employee is discriminated against by her boss simply because she is pregnant or thinks of becoming pregnant.
Pregnancy discrimination can occur when an employee is fired due to her pregnancy or pregnancy-related medical condition. Another way is an employer refusing to hire a woman just because she is pregnant with little regard to her being capable of performing the job.

Pregnancy discrimination may occur due to the false belief some employees hold that pregnant women or working mothers cannot effectively work during pregnancy. Or a pregnant woman may be discriminated out of the worry by employers that profit may be lost during the absence by employees. Get to know more about Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer.

However, there are pregnancy discrimination laws like the Pregnancy Discrimination Act enacted to deal with pregnancy discrimination that prevents women to provide for their family. The Act perceives pregnancy discrimination as a type of sex discrimination. The Act protects the employees from discrimination against pregnant women in the place of work. It further states that a pregnant employee cannot be discriminated against in any aspect of employment comprising hiring and firing.

Moreover, the Act states that if a worker is unable to be effective during pregnancy, she should be treated like any other temporarily disabled employee by her boss. This implies that the employer may be needed to offer the employee an alternative task if she is unable to perform part of her assignment during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and feel that you are unable to perform on your task, you should request for reasonable accommodation. The American with Disabilities Act requires employees to be provided with reasonable accommodation. You as an employer, however, are not needed to accept inadequate job performance, but only needed to make logical adjustments in the workplace. These adjustments include giving the employees more breaks from work or giving time offs to employees who are suffering from morning sickness.

If you find yourself discriminated against because you are pregnant, you should report ant incidences to the human resources department. You have a better chance of being protected if your employer has more than fifteen employees. You can seek advice from an employment attorney who will file a complaint. However it is best that you don’t wait to announce your pregnancy to your employer, this is to ensure that your employer doesn’t claim that he was not aware of the pregnancy. Check out more about Rodman Employment Law to find out more.

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